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Registered Psychologist, Ontario. Certificate #4269

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What about the cost?

I am a registered psychologist. My fees are covered by many supplemental insurance plans (that you might have through an employer, for example), but I am not covered by OHIP.

My rate for a 50-minute daytime session (before 5:00 pm) is $175. My rate for a 50-minute evening session (5:00 pm or later) is $200. I do not offer a "sliding scale" (reduced rates) but you can regulate the financial burden by spacing out our sessions. Often clients come weekly or every other week at first, and then taper off to less frequent sessions once they're doing a bit better. I also have some clients who saw me regularly for a while but now call to schedule an appointment only when they need one. You are also welcome to schedule a single appointment.

My preferred methods of payment are cheque, cash, or email transfer, but if you need to use a credit card, let me know ahead of time and we can arrange payment through PayPal (an on-line service that enables you to pay by credit card). I will provide you with a receipt which you can then file with your insurance company for reimbursement, if you have coverage.