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Registered Psychologist, Ontario. Certificate #4269

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How will I know if you're a good match for my needs?

I believe (and research consistently shows) that the best predictor of successful therapy is the quality of the working relationship between the therapist and the client. Like any other relationship, much of that bond is based on “chemistry”—a hard-to-pin-down quality that has to do with personality and style and whether we tend to see the world in similar ways. For this reason, I encourage potential clients to shop around a bit before selecting a therapist. One therapist is not exchangeable for another. Not only do we use different therapeutic approaches, but we also differ as people, and that affects whether there is a synergy and understanding there that will help the therapy along. Some ways to maximize the chances of choosing a counsellor who is a good match for you include:

  • getting a referral from a friend who has seen a particular therapist and was happy with that experience.

  • talking with potential therapists briefly on the phone, perhaps saying what issues you’ll likely be working on and asking how comfortable or experienced they are with those issues and what approaches they might take. This gives you a feel for their style and whether you think you’ll be comfortable talking with them in therapy.

  • giving it a try—choosing a likely-looking therapist and scheduling one appointment. If the match feels right, keep working together. If it doesn’t, you’ve made a relatively small investment and you can keep looking for a better match.

  • checking out their web site is also a good idea!