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Registered Psychologist, Ontario. Certificate #4269

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What are your specialties?

I do individual and couples work with adults, ages 18 & up. (I am not trained to counsel children or to do family therapy.) My Ph.D. is in Counseling Psychology, which means my overall training is in working with basically healthy people struggling with life problems (rather than with severe mental illness), although many of my clients have common mental health issues like depression, anxiety, OCD, and Bipolar II.

I have more than 20 years of experience as a university professor, training graduate students to be psychologists and psychotherapists. In addition to providing training in counselling skills, I have taught a variety of other courses, including multicultural counselling. My own research focused on LGBT issues and I am openly lesbian.

I am a generalist, so I work with clients who have many different types of issues. Some of the issues that I work with most often include:

        • Depression (both unipolar and bipolar)
        • Anxiety
        • Relationship issues (all types: romantic, family, work-related, etc.)
        • Gay, lesbian, and bisexual issues
        • Trans issues (I am trans-positive)
        • Survivor issues (e.g., from childhood abuse or neglect)
        • Work issues (e.g., pre-tenure stress, work/life balance, productivity)

If you're wondering whether I have experience or expertise in working with a particular problem, you're welcome to call me and ask.